Friday, February 29, 2008

Developer Developer Developer Ireland

Mick from the Galway user group, GAMTUG has done a mighty job in organizing the first Developer Developer Developer event in Ireland. This is being held in Galway on the May bank holiday and there are lots of TechEd speakers coming including Alex Homer and Dave Sussman. Have a look at the line up.

This is will worth attending and the best thing is that it is free!

MTUG Cork Visual Studio 2008 Commuity Launch

This was a great event and we had over 150 attendees during the course of the day. Feedback on the speakers was great Dave, Bob and Ronan were entertaining as well as informative. Having spoken to a few members it looks like we will try and hold another event like this in the autumn. Running from 2pm to 8pm allows people who can’t get time off work to attend some of the talks.

Powerpoints from the events can be found under the materials tab on