Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Microsoft Office Accounting Released in the UK

Not many people seemed to have picked up on the fact that Microsoft has released Office Accounting in the UK. It is available from and the price is only 150GBP. There is also a free express version!

It will be interesting if Sage, etc try and get the EU commission to look at this to try and protect their market. Sage seems really expensive for small companies when you compare it to Office Accounting.

It does seem to be available in Ireland yet although it’s easy to change the vat rate to 21% from the UK default of 17.5%

There is also a SDK available at SDK

Monday, April 07, 2008

IMTC 2008

I attended the IMTC on Thursday and Friday and here some of my highlights.

I met lots of speakers and MVPs. Some have promised to come and talk in Cork next year.

Ben Sykes gave a great talk on what makes people tick and how we need to be aware of this when designing web sites or any type of user interface. Ben is a great guy and is shortly moving to Galway from Seattle to work for Cisco.

Dave McMahon gave an informative and entertains talk on SQL and opened my eyes to a few new techniques. He certainly pushed on 3rd June!!

Office Communication Server is not really suitable for the small business market as it need lots of servers and there are no VOIP gateways for outgoing calls.

Lots of interest in LINQ but nobody seems to have used in anger yet.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

WPF 1st April Oliver Sturm

Oliver gave a great talk on WPF last night we had a great turnout and with so many questions we ran way over time. Sorry no photos the battery died in my camera.

Oliver's company kindly dontated a prize of CodeRush and Refactor which was won by Ken Carroll