Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Entity Framework - Linq To SQL

There are lots of posts which seem to hint that Linq to SQL has gone down a cul de sac and will no longer be developed and that the Entity Framework is now the way to go. Article However I think L2S is great for small Sql Server based projects and I will probably still use it.

Here is a great Entity Framework FAQ page with lots of links Entity Framework FAQ

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Silverlight Sunday 18th Jan MTUG Cork

MTUG Cork are having a full day of talks on Silverlight on Sunday 18th January. Richard Costall and Chris Hay are the speakers and will cover the following topics

XAP File Explored, Layout, Silverlight Sockets, WCF, Syling/Templating, Brushes, Transforms + Animation, DataBinding, Isolated Stored, Gaming, User Controls
Silverlight Encryption + Compression

This will be a great event if you are interested in learning about Silverlight

Attendance is free but please only register if you definitely attending