Friday, May 22, 2009

MTUG Cork Talks June 2009 - Bob Duffy and Kathleen Dollard

We are fortunate to have two great speakers coming to the Cork in June.

Bob Duffy will be here on on June 4th and will cover Reporting Services 2008. Bob is a sql expert one of only eighteen Microsoft Certified Database Architects Globally

Kathleen is a well know expert from the US and will cover the new language features in .NET 4.0. Kathleen wrote a great book a while back on code generation which I found particulary useful. book

The talks are free to attend as usual however you must register on

Friday, May 08, 2009

Entity Framework - Pain Continued

Following on from previous post. If you are converting an existing project and database with lots of stored procedures to EF then you have a big job. Support for returning procedures is limited and involves hand editing the EDML file. If you then refresh from your database all you hand codes stuff is deleted. Nor does it support returning scalers.

With Linq To SQL this is a doddle and when you import returning stored procedures it creates the results entities. I appreciate L2S is designed as a simple ORM designed solely for SQL server and the intention of EF is to be used for enterprise applications however I think more work needs to be done on EF. Hopefully the 4.0 version will solve some of the existing problems.

I guess it could be possible to use L2S in a project now and then convert to EF when better support for stored procedures comes in. The same LINQ should work assuming you can recreate the model. Found it

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Entity Framework - Functions are a pain

As part of my on going project to use and learn the Entity Framework I have come across a bit of a problem. The Entity Framwork does not easily map database functions onto the model. At present there does not seem to be an easy way around this

Here are some of the links and tips I found