Wednesday, September 23, 2009

XRM - What is it?

Just in case you stumbled across the term XRM and was wondering what is this new buzzword. It is the new brand name for developing applications using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I believe Microsoft have coined this term because customers can be confused when you tell them you are going to build their line of business application using CRM. By the way I think CRM it is a great platform which gets very little recognition especially in comparison to SharePoint.

CRM in built on a .NET application development platform which can easily be extended by developers using the same SDK as the Microsoft CRM development team. Some people have suggested that CRM was only developed to show the power of the development platform.

Going forward I don’t XRM will mention CRM and with the multi tenant support added in version 4.0 I think it will become an important piece in Microsoft cloud development platform. Stay tuned.

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