Sunday, November 08, 2009

SQL Server - Car crash queries. - MTUG Cork

Simon Sabin is coming to Cork on the 8th Dec to give a talk to the MTUG user group on Car Crash Queries

Details of the talk are below please register on if you wish to attend

SQL Server - Car crash queries.
What happens when a query goes wrong. We’ve all had the  occasion where a query was running fine and then suddenly it doesn’t. You then get the query from profiler and run it in management studio and it runs fine, but your app is still running slowly. What is happening? In this session we will be looking what causes the query to fail and why you get odd results when you run in management studio. Importantly you will find out what to do avoid this happening on your system.


Simon Sabin is director of his own company that provides training and consultancy around SQL Server development and business intelligence.

He has a particular expertise in the areas of search, distributed architectures, business intelligence and application development. He has worked with SQL Server since 1998 and has always focused on high performance reliable systems.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Office Accounting is no more

I thought Office Accounting was a great little product and having been launched recently in the UK I was looking forward to its release in Ireland and using its SDK.

I have just discovered that Microsoft have pulled Office Accounting and after Nov 16 it will be supported Mamut. Microsoft they have decided that the Excel templates are a better option for a small business.

I suspect this may be more to do with avoiding trouble with the EU as the single user version was free.  Sage have lobbied the EU previously about Microsoft’s moved into the accountancy area