Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ASP.NET Dynamic Data and Oracle

I thought some people may be interested in this. I had a go at using ASP.NET Dynamic Data against an Oracle database.

Firstly I installed Oracle Express with its demo HR data. I could see the database and its contents using server explorer in Visual Studio. However I was not able to select Oracle as a data source when I went to add the Entity Model to my project.

Once I installed Progress DataDirect Connect Oracle driver I was able to use that to create my entity model.  If you try this and get the “could not resolve sid” error trying using xe as the sid.

I generated the model and modified the global.asax as normal and ran the project. First impression are great as and in the example below you can see the Region foreign key drop down has been created and populated.

BTW – I used VS 2010 for this not sure about VS 2008

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