Friday, August 05, 2016

How to add an Editable Grid to a Dynamics CRM Form

A frequent request from users of Dynamics CRM is how can I edit records in a grid. This is not possible out of the box and users find it frustrating to edit records one by one. You could use the immersive Excel feature but this is limited in controlling which fields you can update as I wrote about previously. Also it is not real time and kicks off an import job so again the user experience could be better.

There are commercial editable grids available for Dynamics CRM however in this post I can going to show you can easily create an editable grid using D CRM Editable Grid which is free to use.

You can download the solution from here and once you have installed the solution there are basically two steps to create a grid. The first is to a create configuration record for your grid where you can configure which fields are editable, etc

Once you have created the configuration records you add the D CRM Web html resource file to your form. There is extensive documentation available on the site

I am very impressed with this free editable grid and would happily recommend it as it has a range of great features. One of these includes the ability hook into its JavaScript events to do stuff like extra validation.

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  1. Hi, indeed this grid is very impressive with its capabilities.
    the only major setback is that the code is not exposed.
    the solution is managed so you are dependent on the author to fix bugs, add functions and etc.
    If the code was released then it was a different issue.