Monday, January 16, 2017

Project Service Automation - Project Templates

Project templates are a useful feature in Project Service Automation if you regularly manage the same types of projects which have similar tasks and resourcing requirements. You can create a project template with a work breakdown structure of tasks and dependencies and use this template for new projects. When you create a project using a template the work breakdown structure and team members from the template are copied across to the new project. Here is an example of a Project Template called Dynamics Implementation with four sequential tasks.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Project Service Automation - Price Lists

Project Service Automation is a fully featured Dynamics 365 application for the management of service based projects and includes features like estimating projects, tracking projects actuals and resource planning. There is not too much documentation available for Project Service Automation so I intent to blog about any nuggets I discover as I start to use it. In this first Project Service Automation post I am going to cover the different types of price lists and how they are used to populate a project estimates. I will also show you how to discover which price lists are being used in a projects estimates.